Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Meet Cohort 2!

My name is Vitale Cornelia Marie ILBOUDO.I am twenty one years and I am student in organization’s communication. I am a volunteer of APIL for ICS program and I have accepted to participate at this adventure despite my studies because I think that it would be a good experience for me especially in personal development, language and cultural exchange. Also this program will allowed me to bring my little contribution to rural development and communities development. My first impressions are positive because in my host family everything is ok and with my counter-part we are good integrated in the host family. Also at APIL it is interesting and Ziniare is a nice town. It is not always easy but with a little hard work we will carry mountains.

My name is Serena Fern and I’m 18, from Hertfordshire. I’m currently on a gap year and have spent 4 months working in Italy as an au pair. I’ll be starting university at Nottingham Trent in September, to study Global Studies and Italian.
I’m very excited to start work with APIL, which will give me a first-hand experience of how development organisations work. I’m looking forward to seeing how farming techniques differ in Burkina Faso to the UK. I especially look forward to learning about reforestation and apiculture, and helping to enable the farmers working with APIL to share their knowledge and skills with each other.
I’ve been made to feel so at home already in Burkina Faso, by my counterpart and host family. This is a wonderful opportunity to become part of the family, to learn about th
e way they live and immerse myself in the culture here. Trying lots of new foods has been a highlight, as well as proving to myself that I can ride a bike without falling off (yet!)

Hi, my name is SANOU Sandia. Am from ouagadougou (Burkina Faso). I studied Communication of Organization at ISIG International. I applied for ICS programm not only to improve myself but also to have new experiences to work in International ONG.
Also, this programm cant permit me to understand community life and to have new friends. I hope to use my experiences to achieve the objectives APIL expect in us, and to challenge myself for a better world together.
I find my host family very nice and i hope to spend a good time in this family. I invite the young people to apply for ICS programm because ICS is the way of success.
I want God to bless all the the volunteers to do good work because those are blessed cannot be cursed.

Salut! Je suis Nena Fletcher-Bell, je viens du Sud-Est de Londres. I am 21 and have recently graduated from the University of Bristol with a degree in Neuroscience. I signed up to ICS because I wanted to immerse myself in a new culture whilst helping to make a positive and sustainable change in a local community. To tell the truth, I had never heard of Burkina Faso before ICS but I have already fallen in love with the Burkinabe lifestyle – from Tô to Toofam! I think the hardest challenge has been trying to overcome the language barrier but I am determined to leave the trip fluent in both French and Mooray! My host family have been very welcoming and have taught me lots about the local customs, such as making sure you only eat and greet people with your right hand!

Je me nomme Pascaline KABORE, née le 15 avril 1994 à Agboville, une ville de la côte d’Ivoire. Je vis au Burkina Faso depuis septembre 2008. Je suis titulaire d’un BAC A4 depuis 2014. Je suis en train de me spécialiser en communication des organisations. Je remercie International Service de m’avoir donné la chance de participer au programme International Citizen Service. Comme loisirs, j’aime regarder la télévision, écouter la musique, me balader et voyager.
Je participe à ce programme parce que c’est une occupation pour moi d’approcher les populations, d’apprendre davantage sur eux, sur le développement. Je peux donc à partir de ce programme participer au développement de mon pays. J’ai l’occasion aussi d’améliorer mon anglais pendant ces trois mois.
La collaboration avec les autres volontaires est bien. J’apprends de nouvelles choses à travers eux. L’accueil et le séjour au 2IE ont été fantastiques. Les différentes formations nous ont permis d’avoir une idée sur les différents projets avant même le déploiement dans les zones. Ma famille d’accueil est cool, la cohabitation se passe très bien. Avec le peu d’anglais que je comprends.

My name Izzy Rix, I'm 19 years old and I am from a little village in West Sussex. In the UK I work in my village's members bar. I also volunteer with ex-convicts and at a Youth Club. This is my first step in my plan to travel for a few years. I wanted to do ICS because it seemed like a volunteer programme that actually helps people and has a long lasting impact. I also wanted to experience a new culture, see new things and challenge myself. My first impression of Burkina Faso is that it's a beautiful place, incredibly hot but incredibly beautiful. It can be a bit scary cycling on busy roads but I'm getting the hang of it. Overall I'm just really excited to get stuck into the work.

Je m’appelle Sana Halidou, je viens de Ouahigouya. Je suis volontaire au programme ICS à APIL (Action pour la Promotion des initiatives locales.) J’ai postulé pour ce poste de volontariat pour trois raisons.
D’abord je voudrai à travers le programme ICS à APIL, examiné les problèmes qui minent le secteur agricole au Burkina Faso afin de trouver les solutions adéquates pour y résoudre dont le but est de parvenir à l’autosuffisance alimentaire au Burkina Faso.
En plus c’est l’occasion pour moi dans ce programme d’acquérir de nouvelles expériences durant mon placement afin de développer mon esprit critique.
En fin rehausser mon niveau en anglais en livrant un travail solitaire avec mon équipe est ma vision durant mon placement dans le programme ICS à APIL.
Premières impressions
Après avoir été bien recueillie par ma famille á Ziniaré, j’y suis bien intégré. Je n’ai pas de problème avec mon équipé, l’ambiance est cordiale entre mes teams leaders et moi. Aussi je trouve que j’ai été bien reçu par les responsables de APIL dès le premier contact. En somme je dirais que je suis satisfait de mon placement ici à APIL et je pense qu’avec mon équipé nous pouvons livrez un bon travail pour atteindre nos objectifs.

Hi, I’m Kevin. I graduated University in 2015 and have been working for a bank in London since then. I quit my job to volunteer with ICS, as aid work overseas is something I’ve always wanted to do. Helping those that need it and raising awareness of these kinds of problems is important, and seeing more of the world simultaneously is just a bonus.
The first five days in Burkina Faso felt more like a holiday than anything else. The National Volunteers made us feel very welcome from the start, and we made a lot of new friends. It seemed a shame to be leaving everyone to go start our separate projects, but we’re all excited to start work with APIL and help make a difference.

Je suis NIKIEMA Nisine Woumgna Marie Joséphine, née en Yamoussoukro en 1992.Je suis burkinabé vivant à Ouagadougou
J’aime beaucoup voyager, apprendre, parler, m’amuser. J’ai intégré  ICS pour non seulement développer mes capacités et acquérir de nouvelles expériences, mais aussi comprendre le développement international, car je rêve un jour de travailler dans une organisation internationale.  J’ai toujours nourri cette ambition de mettre mes compétences et mes connaissances au profit du social et du développement communautaire. Je trouve que ICS est un bon programme surtout pour les jeunes en quête d’expérience et d’emploi. Alors j’invite les jeunes y intégrer, car ce ICS est l’avenir de la jeunesse.  J’ai aimé la famille d’accueil, la cohésion du groupe. 

My name is Michele and I’m currently working at APIL in Burkina Faso. I’m 19 years old and going to study Medicine at Bristol University next year. The official reason I chose to ICS was to make new friends and change the world. But the real reason was to meet the main man himself, Barry – which has been better than I could have ever dreamed. At the moment, I am living with my amazing counterparts Marie Jo and Halladoh, as well as being forced to live with Kevin against my will. After spending 5 days at Ouagadougou University, we moved in with our host family who are lovely and make us feel at home. Furthermore, we were able to bust out our Moore skills. But seeing as they laugh every time we speak, it may not be going as well as we think. But I’ve loved every moment so far and am excited for the new challenges that we will face.